Filters Smell So No One Can Tell

The Official Door Blunt 

Never again will embarrassing or incriminating smells escape from under your door! The Door Blunt is the ultimate door draft for you and your odor-conscious friends. Are you constantly plagued by the way your "activities" smell? Are you always paranoid that someone will smell what you're up to? Put a Door Blunt under your door! 


The Door Blunt has been designed to effectively absorb almost all odors before they escape underneath the door. Using a jute wrap with an activated carbon filter inside, air that passes under your door is cleaned of virtually all odors before reaching the other side. More effective than a towel or fragrances that simply mask smell, The Door Blunt actually contains and absorbs odors so you and your neighbors stay happy.

Rolling Your Door Blunt

Step 1

Lay out your wrap.

Step 2

Drop in activated carbon spoof.

Step 3

Roll your door blunt.

Step 4

Place along bottom of door.

Step 5

Get yo smoke on!